Jill's House Tea and Family portraits
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
By I Do Photography Inc.
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What answer do you give to the daily question “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY?”  Sometimes it is as response with a list of errands or appointments.  Sometimes it is a pause to think about how to prioritize what to do.  Sometimes it is a decision to take a break, go for a latte with a friend, stroll through the mall and maybe find a concert to enjoy.

For the families with children at Jill’s House, those sometime answers are rare.  They don’t have a choice of what they will be doing.  Their answer to that daily question is always the same - I am doing whatever it takes to make sure that my child is cared for and protected as best I can.

Going to Jill’s House allows them to have a respite - a time to respond in those sometimes ways and to catch their breath.  That is why I Do Photography Inc. supports them with our photography as well as giving.  We want to make sure as many families can have a safe place for their special needs children to be cared for while they take a break from that constant pressure of life.

So we photograph the Golf tournament and the Ladies Tea (that's what these photos are from) and other fund raising events to encourage folks to give to a great cause.  But the one event that we love to photograph maybe the most is the Jill's House Christmas party for families!  The kids and parents love the food, the cookie decorating and Santa.  We love creating portraits for the families.  It is a gift that captures their love for each other in a very real way.

Each family that walks through the door of the library is unique.  Some are Mom and child, others are both parents and special needs as well as typical children.  Others are a friend or caregiver with the child.  No matter who they are, they are excited to have their portrait captured.

The comments we hear are:  “We never get photos of all of us together”, "She never sits still" and "Did you get a good one?".  It can be a  challenge to get four people sitting still at one time.  Over the years, we have found that being calm and not expecting perfection goes a long way (In regular life too!).  One of the last portraits we created this Sunday consisted of three adults.  The special needs adult would not stay in the frame.  So I began singing Joy to the World.  Everyone joined in and we photographed three people looking pleasant - yeah for music!

May your holidays be joyful and may the peace of God rest on you as you answer your daily question, pondering how you can make a difference in someone’s life.  Merry Christmas!

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