Barbara Bush Memories
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Monday, April 30, 2018
By I Do Photography Inc.
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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mrs. Bush’s family as they miss their wonderful wife, mother and Gana. Her white hair and trademark pearls certainly added to her stand out personality. She loved her family and people in general. She had a heart to serve others, so evident in her efforts for making sure that everyone could read.

When Randy worked for Fairfax County Public Schools as their administrative photographer, he had the privilege of capturing images of some high profile folks. At the beginning of his career there, he was excited to photograph Barbara Bush- then the Vice President’s wife. She was kind, had a quick smile and great laugh. The children related well to her and were encouraged in the joy of reading.

Who has made an impact in your life? Genuinely caring about people’s plight allowed Barbara to lead the way in literacy improvement. Thank you to all the teachers that improve our reading skills. Thank you Mrs. Bush for your love of people and God that set a great example for so many!

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