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Triplets - Portraits throughout the years
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Triplets - Portraits throughout the years

Many blog posts are telling you about our latest photo session or event coverage.  We enjoy all the photography that we do but sometimes, it is a little more personal. How many sets of triplets do you know?  How many live in your neighborhood?  How about on your street?  Randy and I have three wonderful triplets in our neighborhood that are now high school seniors!  So we were able to find a few images from past shoots to share.  We didn't include baby photos because they are on film and frankly, it would take forever to find them - ha!Watching these babies grow into adulthood has been an adventure.  I won't bore you with stories but they have enjoyed ...

Jill's House Tea and Family portraits
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Triplets - Portraits throughout the years

What answer do you give to the daily question “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY?”  Sometimes it is as response with a list of errands or appointments.  Sometimes it is a pause to think about how to prioritize what to do.  Sometimes it is a decision to take a break, go for a latte with a friend, stroll through the mall and maybe find a concert to enjoy.For the families with children at Jill’s House, those sometime answers are rare.  They don’t have a choice of what they will be doing.  Their answer to that daily question is always the same - I am doing whatever it takes to make sure that my child is cared for and protected as best I can.Going to ...

2018 Jill's House Ride
Monday, June 11, 2018
Triplets - Portraits throughout the years

What were you doing on Saturday?  Did you hear any thunder?  Well, if you had been with us in Manassas at the Prince William campus of McLean Bible Church, you definitely would have heard it!  So many bikes - the motorcycle kind - joined to raise funds to support special needs children.  Randy and I have had the privilege to photograph most of the ten rides - we just love the cause and the event!  Starting with a Chick-Fil-A breakfast (who doesn’t love Chick-Fil-A?), raffle tickets, lots of camaraderie and vests with patches and did I mention LOTS of bikes to check out -  it is just the epitome of FUN!A huge thank you to all the sponsors and the riders, ...

A winning Smile - it's Brady!
Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Triplets - Portraits throughout the years

Sometimes special people come across your path that just put a smile on your face. They are fun, caring and downright charismatic. They are widely known in their school because of the way they view others and touch people’s lives. One such person that we have been privileged to meet and photograph is Brady.Our lives intersected a few years ago when his mom, Brenda, was a speaker at a Jill’s House special event. She so eloquently shared about her life with Brady, her son with special needs. As the photographers for Jill’s House, we were blessed to meet Brenda and hear her story. As parents of typical children, it is difficult to imagine the everyday mountains special needs ...

Barbara Bush Memories
Monday, April 30, 2018
Triplets - Portraits throughout the years

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mrs. Bush’s family as they miss their wonderful wife, mother and Gana. Her white hair and trademark pearls certainly added to her stand out personality. She loved her family and people in general. She had a heart to serve others, so evident in her efforts for making sure that everyone could read.When Randy worked for Fairfax County Public Schools as their administrative photographer, he had the privilege of capturing images of some high profile folks. At the beginning of his career there, he was excited to photograph Barbara Bush- then the Vice President’s wife. She was kind, had a quick smile and great laugh. The children related well to ...