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About Us

Together, Susan and Randy provide top quality photographic services for your business with skill, experience and integrity.  We go the extra mile with our time and effort to make your photos look great so that they will represent your business well.  We are detail oriented, from the equipment we use to making sure all the details in a photograph are correct.  We run our business with honesty and integrity.  We are not happy until you are satisfied with the photography that you have contracted with us to do.  We guarantee it.


After an extensive career in long term care administration and social work, Susan partnered with Randy to begin their photography business, primarily photographing weddings. This allowed Susan to stay at home with her children and yet have an income. Initially, she did the posing at weddings and completed all of the wedding post production work. Gradually, she progressed through Randy's tutelage and became a second shooter at the weddings. These days, in addition to photographing, she excels at posing, making sure all the details are correct and laughing at Randy's puns. She loves making people look good in front of the camera. She is the volunteer Director of a non-profit clothing ministry that benefits people in need.


Randy has photographed everything from product shots to kindergarten classrooms to Presidents of the United States.  Also First Ladies, politicians, visiting dignitaries and many other well known figures.  He has become expert at composing, shooting and lighting for the best results in any setting.  In post-production, he applies just the right amount of retouching and enhancements to make portraits look fabulous yet real.  But the best part of all is interaction with clients at the photo session to bring out their character and help them attract people to their business.

Because we are followers of Jesus Christ, he is our impetus for charitable giving of our time and talents as a regular part of our business.  We do a lot of photography for McLean Bible Church and for Jill's House, a facility offering a fantastic experience for children with disabilities and overnight respite for their parents.